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  • Kalu Henrietta C. posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    International day of the widows: The cost of being a widow in Nigeria

    Being a widow in Nigeria could be quite disturbing especially in places where traditions and customs has strongholds on the people. In these places widows are subjected to all kinds of barbaric practices all in a bid to fulfill tradition, these laws most times infringe and violate the human rights of these women. Traditions are used to intimidate, subdue and humiliate women as a way of sustaining a culture of obedience thereby rendering them perpetually subservient. These woman are not protected from these cruel laws, most common of these laws include:

    1. Accusing/suspecting the widow of killing her husband and in this case they are made to drink the water used in washing the corpse as a proof of their innocence
    2. Denial of having access to her husbands property as the deceased family and relatives take all valuables and assets from her, leaving her with nothing.

    Today we celebrate these women, so many lost their lives in the course of all these, others are still struggling and hoping that things will get better someday.